“To reduce the burden for business in dealing with registration and licensing procedures”

Business registration continues to be burdensome, inefficient, slow and a significant barrier to entering the Uganda market. As a result, according to the Doing Business Report 2015, Uganda ranks number 150 out of 189 among the economies analysed.

The objective of the component is to reduce the burden for businesses in dealing with registration and license procedures by creating an online-one stop-shop for business registration and an e-registry for business licensing.

Key Areas of Focus
  • Strengthening business registration institutions and processes.
  • Implementing capacity building activities for URSB and other relevant regulatory agencies
  • Developing and implementing an information and communication strategy.
Planned Outputs
  • Construction of a central office/Business Facilitation Centre  for URSB, Uganda Investment Authority(UIA)  and Capital Markets Authority
  • Establishment of an online business registry and licensing technology platform and software application.
  • Establishment of a one-stop shop and a network of local/regional offices
  • Installing an operational Electronic Document Management  System
  • Training of URSB and other related agencies’ staff.
  • Development and implementation of Information, Education and Communication Strategy.
  • Reduction in Time taken to register business from 33 days in 2010 to under four hours in 2017.
  • Reduction in the cost of registering a business as a percentage of income per capita from 76.6% in 2010 to 37.1 in 2016.
  • Increase in NTR collections per year from US $ 1,861,165 in 2010 to over US $ 8,333,000 2017
  • Increase in number of businesses registered rose from 301,613 in 2010 to 575,600  2017
  • Real time online search. and business name reservations
  • File retrieval online from 5 days in 2012
  • Business registration record digitized improving integration of records

This component will be implemented by Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB)