Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP)- Oct 2020

Republic of Uganda Investment for Industrial Transformation and Employment (INVITE) – P171607

P171607- Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP)- Sept 2020

Uganda: Investment For Industrial Transformation And Employment Project (INVITE)

Public Disclosure- Industrial Transformation and Employment
Project (INVITE) – P171607

Public Disclosure of an Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) and Stakeholders Engagement Plan (SEP) for the Investment for Industrial Transformation and Employment
Project (INVITE) – P171607

CEDP- The Land Component- July, 2017

The LIS has fought fraud and careless mistakes. No more double plotting and the photo’s and signatures even of the previous owners whom you bought from are in the system. This has helped to fight fraudsters.

Land Records & Registration in Uganda- July, 2017

The land records in Uganda are among the first records created. They originated from the 1900 Buganda Agreement which provided for the allotment of land. Shortly after its signing, the first steps were taken to establish a Land and Survey Department and the first Chief Surveyor arrived in the Country in 1901.

CEDP Bulletin- June, 2017

“The Project is Supporting Initiatives geared towards Creating and Enhancing a Competitive Tourism Sector which will unlock the Potential to enable It Grow, Increase Income and Employment for Ugandans”

CEDP Press Release- September, 2016

After the Buganda Agreement was signed the Land and Survey Department was created and set about conducting a topographical survey in 1902, followed by the famous Mailo Survey of Buganda of 1904, a land settlement survey that took a few more years to complete.

CEDP Bulletin- March, 2016

A number of studies and surveys of Uganda’s private sector undertaken by the World Bank and other Development Partners have led to the conclusion that the business environment is not sufficiently conducive for private sector growth.
The country also performs poorly in the World Bank’s Annual Doing Business (DB) report.

CEDP Bulletin- October, 2015

The Government of Uganda obtained credit from the World Bank towards the implementation of the Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project (CEDP) to address both business environment and cluster development challenges aimed at creating a better investment climate to facilitate business in a formalised and robust private sector.