The Government of Uganda has received additional financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project (CEDP-AF), and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consulting services.
The consulting services (“the Services”) include development of interior design concepts for the Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (UHTTI).
The detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) for the assignment can be found at the following websites: and
Private Sector Foundation Uganda through the Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project now invites eligible consulting firms (“Consultants”) to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested Consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. The shortlisting criteria are: (1) at least 8 years’ experience in Development of Interior Design Concepts; (2) Evidence of having implemented at least 5 similar/ related assignments, of which 3 should have involved developing Interior Design concepts for a 3-Star Hotel or better; (3) Availability of appropriate skills/expertise in; Interior Designing, Draftsmanship, Furniture and 3D rendering to demonstrate technical and managerial capability of the firm. Individual experts’ bio-data is not required at this stage.