“To Enhance the Capacity and Productivity of Enterprises”

Low productivity and competitiveness in Uganda is a result of a number of factors that affect businesses in Uganda. These include lack of management skills, poor financial accounting systems, inadequate market information and low labour productivity. The CEDP Matching Grant Facility aims to improve enterprise capacity by facilitating beneficiaries (including MSMEs) access to matching grants of up to 50% towards the use of sector-specific Business Development Services (BDS) and improving quality standards at the firm level.

Objectives of MGF

Improve enterprise capacity by facilitating beneficiaries to access to grants of up to 50%, towards the cost of a specific Business Development Services.
Increase the growth and competitiveness of the private sector in order to maximise returns on products/services through value chain analysis and grant support.

Target Sectors
  • Agri- Business (Coffee, Grains, and Pulses, Horticulture, Edible Oils)
  • Fisheries
  • Tourism
  • Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing.

Result Areas

Improved performance of enterprises

Increased productivity, income and employment.

Catalyzed access to markets

Increased competitiveness of enterprises


Eligibility criteria

Privately owned entity operating under the laws of Uganda

Supported entities under the MGF include:
  • Private enterprises
  • Sectorial and Professional Business Associations
  • Institutions supporting MSMEs in eligible sectors
Eligible Activities
  • Management Training
  • Acquisition of quality certification systems
  • Business plan administration
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Record Keeping
  • Financial Management
  • Technology improvement
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business process and outsourcing.

Application Procedure

Call for Proposals

The grants will follow “a call for proposal Cycle” inviting eligible firms to submit proposals for funding.

Application Requirements
  • A well-developed proposal
  • Proof of registration of business
  • Contract with service providers
  • Directions to physical business address/location
  • Supporting documents relating to activity
  • Proof of availability of funds
Level of Support/Grant Size

Successful firms may obtain grants up to a cumulative value of USD100, 000 subject to availability of funds and within the life span of the project. The support must be matched (50/50).

Disbursement of Funds

On completion of the approved activity and/or confirmation of a firm’s 50% commitment by client, the beneficiary client shall submit a proof of deliverables. The Unit shall review and if satisfactory, initiate the grant reimbursement process.

This component will be implemented by the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU).