Areas of Focus

Land Administration Reform

CEDP-AF seeks to further strengthen the land administration system in Uganda through a combination of:
The Land Administration component is coordinated by the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (MoLHUD).

Tourism Product & Competitive Development

CEDP-AF seeks to further strengthen Uganda’s core tourism offerings and more effectively leverage tourism assets and biodiversity endowments for private sector-led growth. This will be achieved through:

Cross-cutting Priorities



The gender gaps in land tenure and land ownership in Uganda are severe and constrain women’s economic participation, especially in high-value activities. Almost all land is registered in Uganda in the name of the male heads of household. There is some data on approaches that can increase women’s access to land. CEDP-AF will build on these findings and integrate gender-related information into the community outreach campaigns at the parish and district levels. The project will subsidize the registration costs to couples willing to proceed with joint titling.

Women make up 46 percent of tourism entrepreneurs in Uganda. The project’s community interventions will focus on women-led and/or women-managed enterprises at the proposed sites. Similarly, women’s participation in the accredited trainings run by the UHTTI and UWRTI will be a key priority and student recruitment efforts will have a specific focus on women.

Climate Change


With regard to climate change mitigation, the project will support conservation efforts through the identification of critical zones and facilitated management of wildlife areas based on updated information.

In the execution area of the project, a combination of natural disasters, such as landslides in the highlands of eastern and western regions and droughts, are endangering livelihoods and the ecosystem; which are likely to be exacerbated by climate change. CEDP-AF will employ building standards that include emergency preparedness for climate hazards. The construction plans will ensure that the project conforms to: