Management and Governance

Project Steering Committee (PSC)

A Project Steering Committee (PSC) has been constituted and provides oversight, policy and strategic guidance. It meets quarterly or as and when it may be deemed necessary to ensure proper coordination and effective supervision of the project. The PSC receives, considers and takes action on the reports from the Project Technical Committee. The PSC is chaired by the Permanent Secretary/ Secretary to the Treasury (MoFPED) and is comprised of Permanent Secretaries from respective ministries responsible for the project components: the PS/MLHUD, PS/MoTWA, Secretary to the Judiciary, PS/Ministry of ICT, PS/Ministry of Local Government, Head PSDU-MoFPED, Commissioner EPRD-MoFPED, ED UIA, ED PSFU, the board chairpersons of the following Agencies: PSFU, UTB, UWA, UWEC, UWRTI, UHTTI, Secretary ULC, and representatives of the private sector :UTA.

Project Technical Committee (PTC)

A Project Technical Committee (PTC) comprising of technical staff from implementing and beneficiary entities is responsible for overall project implementation including:

(i) development and approval of annual plans for project activities, project budget, and consolidate procurement plan, as well as undertake regular review project M&E data to determine progress and to ensure satisfactory achievement of project outcomes and impacts;
(ii) building consensus on key policy issues related to implementation; and
(iii) monitoring of issues related to implementation and removal of any obstacle(s). The PTC whose secretariat will be at Private Sector Foundation Uganda under the chairmanship of the Executive Director of PSFU will meet monthly and prepare quarterly reports to the PSC. The PTC will comprise: Project Coordinator and Project Coordination Unit technical team, the Director/Land management and Ministry of Land Housing and Urban Development project technical team, Director Tourism Development-Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities, Executive Director-UWA, Executive Director-UWEC, Chief Executive Officer-UTB, Principals-Uganda Wildlife Research and Training Institute and Uganda Hotel Tourism and Training Institute, Commissioner Uganda Museum and Project Officer-Judiciary. The PTC will provide technical guidance and supervision of project activities.

Role of the World Bank/IDA

The International Development Association (IDA) provides oversight, guidance and technical support for project implementation. Periodic project implementation support missions and reviews are undertaken for the purpose. IDA reviews and provides clearances for submissions as defined in implementation arrangements. The Bank also monitors compliance with financial management, procurement, environment and social safeguard measures.

Project Component Committees (PCCs)

Project Component Committees (PCCs) have been constituted under the MInistry of Lands Housing and Urban Development and Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities comprising of technical staff of beneficiary entities. The PCCs meets monthly to discuss project implementation and ensure cohesion and congruence of activities towards the specific components objectives. The PCCs are chaired by the respective Permanent Secretaries. The PCCs feed the PTC with status of implementation and therefore the PCC meetings are held prior to the PTC Meeting.

The Project Coordination Unit (PCU)

The Private Sector Foundation Uganda maintains a PCU with a technical team contracted to provide ongoing support to project activities, including but not limited to those related to; Project Management, M&E, Finance, Procurement, Environmental & Social Safeguards, Engineering, Communication, IT, Tourism, Risk and Quality Assurance. The PCU is responsible for the day to day implementation of component 2 and the overall coordination of the project.