Protecting Land Rights of the Community

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Rose Atim 70 years is a widow and head of an extended household from Kal-Okura parish in Alero sub county, Nwoya district. Atim’s family land demarcated with boundary trees (Lucoro in Acholi), and the coordinates of the boundary captured using the SLAAC software. She was thereafter issued with a certificate with all her family members registered onto it. Atim feels comfortable that the future of her children and grandchildren is secured and the time of conflicts and disputes for them is over.

“I’m now busy working on the land. I harvest 200 bags of groundnuts at any one season. I would like to thank the Government for helping us register our land . I now have a legal document to show that we are the true owners of this land,” she said. Atim is a beneficiary of the ongoing customary land registration process under the project. The communal land Registration is also underway and to date, 50 Communal Land Associations have been formed in the Karamoja region and moving to Acholi area where 46 clans have shown interest in registering their land into a legal entity for security of tenure. Communal and Individual land registration will increase land registration from 5 percent to 18 percent in rural areas by 2019.

CEDP Intervention to Improve Access and Security of Land