Reforms are helping women to grow their businesses

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At 34, Milly Ndagire dreams of being a successful hotelier. After saving money from her previous teaching job, Milly opened a small eatery. She had always wanted to be self-employed, and earn money from doing what she loved doing best – cooking.

In 2016, Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) opened a branch office on Nakivubo Mew’s road, just next to Milly’s restaurant, opposite the St. Balikudembe market. A few days later, Milly walked into the new branch and registered Millz Foods, which runs a restaurant and other catering services.

For Milly, registering her eatery is the first step to archiving her ambition of one day owning a hotel. She recently won two company tenders for catering services which she could never have won without her business being fully registered.

With support of the project, URSB is implementing reforms to make it simpler, faster and less costly for the informal sector to register their businesses. This is being archived through simplification of processes, linking the branch offices to the central office as well as opening up new branches like Nakivubo Mews to ease access by business people like Milly.